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Note: This website is no longer being updated, it is available for archive purposes only.

ElectroMagnetic Fields -

   EMF Meters - How they work, their frequency response, drawbacks, etc.

   EMF Meter Comparisons - Which EMF Meter is right for you?

More from the Knowledge Database   

The Truth Behind "Orbs"

   Think you've captured a ghost "orb" on film? Then this article is for you!

More from the Knowledge Database   

<- EMF Meters Explained

     Think you know a lot about your EMF Meter? Think again - it's hiding something from you...

     EMF Meters: How they work, frequency responses, drawbacks, etc...

More from the Knowledge Database

<- New Research Investigation

     Electromagnetic fields and environmental data was recorded & analyzed using Arcadia at the famous historical Overholser Mansion. You won't believe the results!

More Research Investigations

<- Arcadia

    We've designed this environmental monitoring system to provide statistical analysis of electromagnetic, electric fields, temperature, humidity, and other environmental fields. Using Arcadia, we can study possible links between environmental fields and haunt phenomena.

* Build Your Own Arcadia!   
Visit the "Build-it-Yourself" Section   

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