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Perception and Cognition
Analog - Reading - Computer - Aided - Digital - Input - Analyzer
Last updated 9-3-2018
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     Human perception and cognition plays a very important role in all types of haunt phenomena. In a natural home environment, small variances in the static and AC magnetic fields have been found to cause psychological triggers, which can result in a hallucinogenic physiological reaction. Reports of such activity include, but aren't limited to, sensed presence, anomalous lights, auditory and olfactory (smell) anomalies, tactile sensations, and psycho physiological anomalies. What the heck does this mean in english? It means that when the human brain experiences something it can't explain, such as a large variance in the surrounding magnetic field, it will subconsciously search for an explanation that appeals to it. Subjectively, many people correlate these anomalies with the presence of spirits, ghosts, extra-terrestrial beings, or label the occurrence as a religious experience. This could be due to the fact that the human brain naturally desires to understand the surrounding environment, so when something that cannot be explained occurs, it is automatically labeled as an experience outside the realm of human understanding, or "paranormal". Once the occurrence has been labeled paranormal, the brain then subconsciously uses its own past experiences and underlined beliefs to create an explanation that suites the subject's current psychological needs. It can make your hair stand on end, make you feel as if you're being watched, make your skin crawl as if you were just touched, make you think you saw an apparition, or make you think you heard a voice when no one is around. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is the extent of your own past experiences. If this concept sounds familiar to you, it's because its been around for ages, and has been studied intensely for about thirty years by several scientists, particularly by M.A. Persinger.

     We here at believe that every place on Earth has an equal potential for being haunted. There appears to only be a small potential change in areas with violent pasts, or many deaths. But, if all places have an almost equal potential to create haunt-like phenomena, why are some places reported to be "more haunted" than others? That's where the environmental trigger comes in to play, I believe that perceptual activity is triggered by the environment: subconscious expectations, visual clues, etc., and more particularly environmental fluctuations: a cold breeze, magnetic field changes, light variances, etc. The more vague or uncommon the brain is to the type of fluctuation, the more it has to search for an explanation, which briefly makes the brain more susceptible to spirit activity. That's why magnetic field changes make great triggers, because people aren't used to feeling those, and when they do, they have no idea what happened. The brain can easily understand the feeling produced by a cold breeze or light variance, but most people can't understand the extra inducted current in the body created by a fluctuating magnetic field. It can make your skin crawl, or cause brief auditory and visual hallucinations and nerve misfires in the brain. The trick is to find what places have potential for these types of variances, and these places should theoretically have more perceptual anomalies reported. Other variances in the air pressure, humidity, temperature, motion, visual light, and other frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum are also noted in purportedly haunted environments and can trigger anomalies as well. So, the only scientific way to find if a place has the potential to create these anomalies is to monitor all of these fields in real time. This is done with Arcadia.

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