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Special Thanks To
Analog - Reading - Computer - Aided - Digital - Input - Analyzer
Last updated 9-3-2018
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    The building and development of ARCADIA has been a long journey for everyone in the paranormal research community. I'd like to thank some of the key figures that helped make ARCADIA a reality, by giving their input, knowledge, donations, and moral support. Donations are greatly appreciated, and needed to keep this project going. If you can help with monetary donations, please contact JDF at All donations are greatly appreciated, and go directly toward upgrading ARCADIA and research studies. In no particular order, special thanks to:
Ron & Becky Cosgrove of the OKCPRG -
    For donations, support, the "key to the hospital door", and coiling wire.

Timothy Harte, David Black, and Michael Hollinshead of the MESA Project -
    The guys who helped feed the idea, thanks for configuration ideas, and technical support!

Erik & Laura Smith of the OKCGC -
    For technical and moral support, donations, and for bringing me to the Research Site for the first time. Little did you or I know then what a journey was ahead.

Kym Rogers -
    For moral support and monetary donations.

Andy, Christy, Mary, and Ken -
    For technical and moral support, donations, and keeping the idea alive through brainstorms.

All of OPRA - Oklahoma Paranormal Research Alliance -
    Thanks for sharing the dream, I wouldn't be the same without every one of you.

Juan Gabriel Del Cid-
    For help with the Java Native Interface implementation from C.

Companies -
    Suppliers of the Profi II meters. Thanks!

AlphaLabs, Inc. -
    Suppliers of the TriField Natural and UHS 3 Axis EMF meters. Thanks AlphaLabs, Inc.!

  Introductory page to ARCADIA.
- Device Configurations
  Detailed information about the field
meters used on ARCADIA.
- Photos
  Pictures of the system in action.
- Detailed Information
  An in-depth analysis of ARCADIA.
- Graphs from ARCADIA
  Data & graphs from actual investigations.
- Data Analysis
  How data is analyzed from ARCADIA.
- Perception and Cognition
  Detailed look at unstable environmental conditions and cognitive anomalies (haunt phenomena).
- ARCADIA Timeline
  Developmental timeline for ARCADIA.
- Special Thanks
  List of contributors, donations, etc.

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