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ARCADIA Developmental Timeline
Analog - Reading - Computer - Aided - Digital - Input - Analyzer
Last updated 9-3-2018
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    ARCADIA has been an idea in the back of my head since about September of 2002. After months of planning, programming, and circuit design, it became a reality, and saw it's first test run on Febuaury 8th, 2003. As problems and better solutions because apparent, it was changed accordingly. Here is a brief timeline of the development of ARCADIA:
- Date - - Desciption -
09/**/2002     Idea of Arcadia is sparked.    
01/10/2003     Began writing Arcadia software.    
01/31/2003     First model A/D box complete.    
01/31/2003     First model AC EMF Meters (rewired ELF Zones x3) completed.    
02/04/2003     GUI (Graphical User Interface) added to software.    
02/08/2003     First BETA test of Arcadia 1.0 at OKCPRG Research Site; Log-everything scenario.    
02/15/2003     First BETA test of anomaly logging algorithms at research site; Tested successful.    
02/19/2003     TriField Natural Amplifier added, to gain resolution.    
02/27/2003     ELF Zone circuitry & tripod stands designed and rewired    
03/10/2003     Negative baseline change capabilities added to algorithms.    
03/12/2003     ELF Zones calibrated (still not very happy with these).    
03/20/2003     TriField conversion extrapolated.    
03/26/2003     Static temperature meter designed, built, and anomaly logging algorithm added.    
04/03/2003     Software re-configured to be more efficient.    
04/05/2003     Major software channel number glitches in anomaly logging system found and fixed.    
04/10/2003     TriField anomaly algorithm reconfigured    
04/12/2003     Static temperature meter op-amp replaced with an LM358, with a lower temperature coefficient.    
04/15/2003     Input impedance added, to protect A/D chip.    
04/16/2003     Binary Motion detector input added.    
04/16/2003     Pause button added, and second TriField Natural added.    
04/17/2003     Motion detector programmed into software.    
04/17/2003     Oscilloscope utility added to software.    
04/29/2003     Pause status logging added.    
04/29/2003     Magnetoresistive 2 axis static field meter circuitry designed.    
05/01/2003     Static temperature probe casing built.    
06/20/2003     2 axis static field meter circuitry redesigned.    
07/11/2003     -5v supply added in, for precision differential amplifiers.    
07/12/2003     TriField amplifier rewired with 10x precision differential amplifiers.    
07/17/2003     Max/Min readings utility added.    
07/21/2003     TriField internal regulators added.    
07/23/2003     Temperature module rewired to 0-124 F (removed floating ground).    
07/24/2003     Status box w/buzzer added.    
07/26/2003     2 axis static field meter finished (This is the real deal!).    
07/28/2003     Software/hardware version upgraded to 2.0 after conversion simplification.    
07/28/2003     TriField regulators moved to amp box after current leakage found.    
07/31/2003     Average baseline added to baseline run.    
08/05/2003     Visible light sensor added.    
08/06/2003     Humidity sensor added.    
08/07/2003     Log timing accuracy increased.    
08/11/2003     2 AC EMF Meters (Electrosensors) replace all ELF Zones meters.    
08/15/2003     Electrosensor circuit tweaked 08-15-03 after they were found to be unstable.    
08/23/2003     2 axis static field meter resolution increased from +-400mG to +-300mG.    
09/06/2003     Electrosensors rewired, with original reference amp, but no AC filter capacitor.    
09/12/2003     IR Temperature meter built.    
10/03/2003     IR Temperature meter rewired after conversion was found to be non-constant.    
02/01/2004     Online public releasing of ARCADIA    

  Introductory page to ARCADIA.
- Device Configurations
  Detailed information about the field
meters used on ARCADIA.
- Photos
  Pictures of the system in action.
- Detailed Information
  An in-depth analysis of ARCADIA.
- Graphs from ARCADIA
  Data & graphs from actual investigations.
- Data Analysis
  How data is analyzed from ARCADIA.
- Perception and Cognition
  Detailed look at unstable environmental conditions and cognitive anomalies (haunt phenomena).
- ARCADIA Timeline
  Developmental timeline for ARCADIA.
- Special Thanks
  List of contributors, donations, etc.

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