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    This anomaly is a perfect example of moving local DC magnetic field. Recorded on a TriField Natural meter, which shows changes in the static magnetic field, you can see exactly when the anomaly passes over the meter, when the field goes neutral between the two poles, and when the anomaly moves away from the meter. This is exactly what we are looking for - essentially this anomaly was created by an "invisible flying bar magnet". This was recorded at the Hospital Research Site, during sit down, corresponding with various other forms of activity.

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    Recorded at the historic Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City, this graph shows a sharp 8 milliGauss shift in the local north-south static magnetic field.

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    Recorded on the stage of the historic Pollard Theater, this is a 10 minute graph of the AC magnetic fields. The fluctuations showed to be natural, due to old wiring, prop wiring, etc., but is a perfect example of how natural magnetic field changes can make a place be perceived as haunted.

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